Jason C. Poole

Crew Chief, Director of Fossil Preparation, Educator


Jason C. Poole is an adjunct professor at Drexel University and the Dinosaur Hall Coordinator at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.  Jason has excavated dinosaurs on three continents: Africa, South and North America. Paralititan, Dreadnoughtus and Suuwassea are three dinosaurs worked on by Poole which are new to science, and two of them are supermassive titanosaurs.  Jason can often be found in the Academy of Natural Sciences Dinosaur Hall Fossil Lab preparing newly found fossils which will spend the rest of their afterlife in museum collections. Mr. Poole is also a Paleontological Artist who has published in National Geographic and whose art work appears in many museum and private collections, as well as on his blog.  Jason’s experiences have also produced several popular publications, including The Lost Dinosaurs Of Egypt and the award-winning A Dynasty of Dinosaurs coloring book.

Curriculum vitae


Jason’s interests include, but are not limited to, Jurassic vertebrates and their ecosystems, and the excavation and conservation of large vertebrate fossil skeletons for conservation, display and research.

Illustration by J. Poole

Image by J. Schein


Image by J. Schein

Image by J. Schein

Jason has 25 years experience in natural history education and public engagement. He often leads talks and workshops with teachers, scientists, and the general public on a wide variety of topics, from dinosaurs and their world to live animal and dinosaur illustration classes.  Poole is an avid public speaker to encourage science literacy.

Image by J. Schein

In His Own Words

“Science and inciting people to explore the wonders of the natural world through scientific observation are my core and what give my life focus.”