What did our Crew Members think?

Does the field experience sound too good to be true?

Well, let’s hear directly from our past participants:

“Just to let you know, that the expedition was the highlight of my summer.  I still have pleasant dreams at night reliving the adventure.”

--Marc H., 2018 Expedition Crew Member

“Thank you for an incredible trip. I am so glad to have found your program, and was so impressed with everyone who I met. You attract such warm, intelligent people to your expedition.  I look forward to working with you again during a future field season!”

--Kim Manley, 2018 Expedition Crew Member

Image by J. Schein


“. . .The [GEO 328] field course was perfect”

--Anonymous 2018 Student Crew Member

Image by J. Schein

Image by A. Franklin

“. . .This experience was amazing...anyone who wants to become a paleontologist should take a course [GEO 328] like this one. The work is hard, but in the end it will show a person if this is the road that they want to continue on”

--Anonymous 2018 Student Crew Member


“I thought it was a wonderful experience and would recommend it to anyone.”

--Anonymous 2018 Crew Member


Image by J. Schein

“It's been several years now since I accompanied the BBPI paleontologists to the dig in Wyoming, but I had the time of my life, even with an already rewarding life experience. Excitement from actually being in the field was matched only by the comradery among the people on the team.”

— Dennis W.


Image by J. Schein

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