Education & Science: Hand-In-Hand

We believe that science has the power to inspire the global community, and that scientists have no greater responsibility than to communicate their work, sharing their discoveries to inspire others in the pursuit of knowledge. We also believe that collaboration is just as important to the development of innovative and engaging educational programs as it is for effectively advancing science. Perhaps most of all, we believe that education should be a life-long endeavor.


Educational Programming & Outreach

Education and research are the two pillars upon which the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute is built.  We consider the two fundamentally and equally important - to each other, to society, and to the world.  With that in mind, we continuously strive to develop a diverse slate of paleontology, earth, and natural science-focused educational programs for people of all ages.  We partner with community organizations, schools, and universities to provide world-class educational adventures and opportunities to families, students, and adults. 

Image by J. Schein

Young Scientists

Every child is a natural scientist - naturally!  We nurture and develop those instincts with engaging, hands-on programs for children of all ages.  

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Higher Education

Earn college credit by joining our team to learn the methods, practice, and adventure of field paleontology. An amazing, life-changing experience!  


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Programming for Teenagers

There's never a more important time in a young person's life to engage their interests in science.  We have the training and programs to do just that!

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Adult Programming

The learning doesn't end at any age. Paleo-expeditions and hands-on, captivating programs covering fascinating topics are for everyone.