Daily Expedition Visitors

Not ready to join the Field Expedition for an entire week?  Just have a day or two while passing through?  Do you have dino-crazed kids but they’re a little too young to join us for a week? Looking for things to do in and around Red Lodge, Montana and Yellowstone National Park?  You can still join the adventure and help our teams excavate these amazing dinosaurs! 


2020 daily visitor dates are usually available in March 2020.

Please check back soon!

Daily Expedition Visitors

You are invited to join our field expeditions for 1 or 2-day visits.  But you won't just be "visitors" - you'll be contributing to decades-long research projects by helping our field teams find and excavate the fossilized remains of dinosaurs and other ancient life million of years old!

To learn a lot more about our expeditions, please be sure to read all of the information provided on our Public Expeditions and Frequently Asked Questions pages.  Please also review all of the information on this page before proceeding.

What to Expect

Please be sure to read all of the information provided on our Public Expeditions and Frequently Asked Questions pages for a complete description of our daily field activities.

Daily Schedule

  • We will meet you at a pre-arranged location in Red Lodge at ~8am on the morning(s) of your visit.

    • We will leave for the field absolutely no later than 8:10am - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Depending on the site we are visiting that day, the commute may be between 45 and 70 minutes.

  • We work until as late as 4pm, though weather sometimes drives us out of the field earlier than that.

  • Notes:

    • You are required to bring your own lunch. You are free to eat lunch whenever you prefer.

    • You are required to drive your own vehicle to our field sites. 4-wheel drive vehicles are not usually required to access our field locations. However, higher vehicles such as SUVs are recommended. We also recommend that you carry at least one can of Fix-A-Flat or similar product.



Regular Expedition Visitors: $150/person/day

Nonprofit: $50/person/day

  • Nonprofit rates are available to:

    • Individual or groups of teachers

    • Student groups, including courses

    • Museums and nonprofit groups dedicated to nature, science, and education

Nightly Stays at YBRA: $100/person/day

  • Subject to availability. SEE BELOW


  • Expedition Visitors are limited to 2 daily visits per week.

  • A 5% credit card processing fee is added to all credit card payments.

  • Availability is limited. Please see the available dates below.

  • Reservations will be held up to 10 business days for checks to be mailed and delivered.


Want the Full Experience Instead?


If you decide that you'd rather join us for a week and get the full, incredible experience, be sure to sign up on our Join the Expedition page!   



Have questions about the Daily Expedition Experience?  Please contact us any time for these or any questions.  


Important Information

Image by J. Schein


The health and safety of our crew is our first concern.  Weather is the the primary factor determining when we leave the field sites in the afternoon, and also happens to be extremely difficult to predict in this region.  Storms or even rain can be quite dangerous in these areas, and even hazardous for vehicle travel.  We must evacuate if there is a significant chance of rain.  Excessive heat also often limits the amount of time we can spend in the field.  

  • Reimbursements of 50% will be provided only if weather forces us to evacuate the field before 12 noon.

ACCOMMODATIONS and Travel Arrangements

Lodging:  Daily Expedition visitors must arrange their own lodging.  There are many wonderful options in Red Lodge, Montana.

Depending in part on availability, lodging at our base camp at the Yellowstone-Bighorn Research Association, may be possible for a fee of $100/person/night. This fee includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cabin availability may not be known until May 2019. Please contact us for details.

Transportation: With few exceptions, Daily Expedition Visitors must also arrange their own transportation.  Each morning of your visit we will meet you in Red Lodge at a pre-arranged location and you will be able to follow us to our sites.

WANt to stay in camp with us?

Staying in camp with us is a wonderful way to get a more complete experience. However, there are several things you must know and consider before you decide.

  • There is a $100/person/night fee. This fee includes three daily meals, showers, and beds in cabins.

  • This option is HIGHLY dependant on availability in camp, which we share with other groups. We will not know if this there is room for you in camp until spring, though usually there is more availability beginning in the second half of July through August.

    • Cabins are segregated by gender unless your groups requests to stay together. However, staying together in a single cabin is dependant on availability and cannot be guaranteed. Obviously, we will not seperate children from parents.

    • If you would like to reserve your night(s) stay at the time of booking, your nightly camp fees will remain 100% reimbursable until May 15th.

    • The 50% off discount on Expedition Daily Visits for BBPI Members does not apply to the nightly camp fees.

  • Depending on the size of your group and camp availability, it may not be possible for all of you to stay together in a single cabin.

  • Remember that you are still responsible for your own transportation to/from camp and to/from our field sites each day.

  • If you intend to take advantage of this opportunity, you MUST contact us about prior to your purchase.

Adherence to Federal Laws iS required

Image courtesy of Heart Bar Four Photography

Much of our field work will be conducted on public (Bureau of Land Management, or U.S. Forest Service) lands, and there are very strict rules governing the collection of fossils from these areas. Click HERE for a review of fossils on public lands and the rules concerning their collection. These rules MUST be adhered to – revocation of our collecting permits, or even prosecution, may result if these rules are violated. 

There will be opportunities to collect plant and/or invertebrate fossils for your personal collection.  However, since this is a research project first and foremost, all materials collected for personal use must be approved by BBPI Expedition staff.

**WARNING**: One of the missions of the BBPI is to protect fossil resources, especially those on public lands.  If we find or suspect that anyone joining us is collecting vertebrate fossils illegally, or collecting and/or publicly sharing the location of fossil sites, we will immediately:

  • remove you from the premises

  • report you to local law enforcement and BLM state and district offices

  • not refund your fees

Anyone suspected of being a commercial fossil dealer will not be allowed to join our field expeditions.  If it is discovered that you are a fossil dealer, we will:

  • not refund your fees

  • report you to local authorities and to the BLM state and district offices

We are fiercely protective of the integrity of our science, our research, our field sites, and of the laws designed to protect each of these concerns.

On these issues we will not compromise.


CANCELLATIONS and Reimbursements

If the trip cancellation is initiated by the Expedition Visitor:

  • prior to 30 days before the scheduled visit, we will reimburse 50% of your visitor fees.

  • within 30 days of your scheduled visit, visitor fees cannot be reimbursed.

    • If an alternative date can be agreed upon, your visitor fees may be transferred to that date.

If the trip cancellation is initiated by the BBPI at any time, for reasons other than weather, dangerous and/or unacceptable behavior, etc. (see above):

  • we will reimburse 100% of the visitor fees

If the expedition daily visit is shortened due to weather, injury, or any other risks to the health and safety of any member of the expedition:

  • the BBPI will reimburse 50% of the daily visitor fees if and only if the expedition is evacuated prior to 12 noon

    • no reimbursement is possible if the daily expedition ends for any of the reasons stated above after 12 noon.

Ready to Join Us?

Here are the steps needed to sign up:

Image by J. Schein

  1. Check availability below

    1. Note: If you are interested in a date that does not appear below,                        please inquire for details.  

  2. Complete the Daily Expedition Registration Form (below)

    1. Completing and submitting this form does not mean that you have registered. Registration is completed only when we have confirmed that your preferred dates are available and payment is made in full.

    2. Once you have submitted this form, we will contact you shortly to confirm your preferred dates.  We will reserve your selected dates for up to 10 business days until payment has been received.

     3. Submit Payment

     4Complete Additional Forms (Waiver and Medical Form - see below)

     5. Sit back and wait for your adventure to begin! We will be in touch as we get closer to the field season.


1. Daily Expedition Visitor Dates Available

Dates listed below may be available.

                                       Monday               Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday               Friday

Week 1:                            X                           X                          X                              X                   July 5th

Week 2:                            X                           X                        X                     X                 X

Week 3:                            X                           X                   July 17th                     July 18th             July 19th

Week 4:                            X                           X                    X                        X                 X

Week 5:                            X                           X                        X                                X                         X

Week 6:                            X                           X                        X                                X                         X

If you are interested in a date that is not indicated here, including weekends, please inquire for details.  


3. Submit Your Payment

4. Additional Forms

Your registration may be complete, but there is still some information we need before you can join us in the field.  All forms must be completed and submitted no later than June 1, 2019.

Here's a complete list of the required forms:

1. Waiver - A Participant Waiver of Liability and Terms must be electronically signed, submitted, and on-file for every member of your party prior to your trip.  

2. Medical Form - A Medical Information and Release Form must be completed, signed, submitted, and on-file for every member of your party.  This is a low-tech pdf form that must be submitted to us one of the old-fashioned ways listed below.  Yes, we know this is more trouble, but it is for purposes of confidentiality, and in case of emergency, ease of communication with medical professionals.  If you submit this form via email, please make sure you are submitting a pdf, and not a jpg of each page.  You can submit this form via:

          Email: JSchein(at)BBPaleo.org                                        Mail:   PO Box 672, Red Lodge, MT 59068

3. Image Release - The BBPI would like to use images of our Expedition Visitors for marketing purposes, on social media, our website, etc.  Please see our image release waiver below for details.  You are, of course, NOT REQUIRED to agree to our use of your image. However, you are still required to complete this form and can decline our use of your image before submitting it.




This list of required and recommended items (below) is based on our own experiences, and is not intended to be comprehensive. 

Weather conditions change quickly and unexpectedly throughout the field areas. Participants should be prepared for a range of weather conditions each day, regardless of the forecast.

Image by J. Schein

Required Every Day

  • Lunch

  • Water and water bottle(s): Water many not always be readily available, so you must carry at least 2 liters of water with you each day.

  • Hat(s): preferably a wide-brimmed hat.

  • Loose-fitting, light-weight, LIGHT-COLORED clothing - enough to create layers! Jeans are not recommended.

  • Sun screen: high SPF and waterproof

  • Sturdy and comfortable hiking or work boots

  • Personal First Aid kit

  • Compass

  • Whistle (preferably one with a compass)

  • Backpack

**Hand tools will be provided

Suggested for the Field

Image by J. Schein


Have questions about the Daily Expedition Experience?  Looking for other things to do in and around Red Lodge? Please contact us any time for these or any questions.  

Image by J. Schein

  • While not required, long pants are ALWAYS a better option than shorts for working in these conditions.

  • Light & heavyweight socks

  • Work gloves

  • Chap stick (with SPF)

  • Insect repellent

  • Eyeglasses (contact lenses are not recommended)

  • Sunglasses

  • Knee pads or cushion

  • Camera/binoculars/notebook: This trip will provide some exciting moments and spectacular scenery that you will want to remember and share.