Brittany Malinowski

Assistant Crew CHIEF, Student Research Associate, Educator

Image Credit: B. Malinowski

Image Credit: B. Malinowski

Besides having a love for paleobiology, Brittany is an avid traveler, photographer, and writer. As a typical dinosaur-obsessed child she never imagined that she would be part of an actual dig team one day. While having explored and lived in some pretty unique places around the world, she can safely say that the rugged deserts, snow-capped mountains, and priceless fossils make Montana one of her favorite places. 

Brittany recieved her bachelor's degree in biology from Arcadia University in 2013. Between degrees, she continued her studies in several fields while she volunteered and became an educator for the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and later, the New Jersey State Museum.  She has served as             Curriculum vitae                    as a fossil preparator and has worked on a variety of specimens including                                                               Edmontosaurus, Basilemys, Tyrannosaurus, and Triceratops. She is currently                                                              pursuing her Master's of Secondary Education from Saint Joseph's University                                                         and a Master’s of Biological Sciences from The George Washington University.

With a background in communications and education, Brittany is very passionate about creating paleontology-based educational resources for children and adults. She recently co-wrote, filmed, edited, and produced a paleontology-themed educational video series for the New Jersey State Museum, to answer some of the most common questions she was regularly asked while working as a fossil preparator in the lab. This will serve as a great and easily accessible resource, so that anyone with internet access can learn more about the exciting science of paleontology and go 'behind-the-scenes' on a real dig expedition. Brittany hopes to pursue similar endeavors in the near future!


Image by J. Schein


In 2016, Brittany was the lead author of a Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) abstract and research poster, for which she ventured to Salt Lake City, Utah to display. In 2015, she was a co-author for an abstract and research poster for SVP relating to paleontology-based crowdfunding campaings. Brittany is currently pursuing paleontological research at The George Washington University.

Image by J. Schein

Teaching Experience

Brittany began as the Dinosaur Education Intern at the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University, where she prepped fossils in the lab and educated the public, and later served as an educator there. More recently, she created an educational video series, the Video Learning Library, for the New Jersey State Museum, which answers some of the public's most common questions about paleontology. 

Brittany is currently working towards her Master's degree in Secondary Education at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.  She also serves as a teacher for the BBPI's Boys and Girls Club program, Dinosaur Treasures In Our Backyards.

In Her Own Words

Every year we discover something new, and to be a part of that adventure - to maybe even be the first human to ever see a particular fossil - is humbling beyond words. It still amazes me to think that two completely different species from entirely different worlds and across millions of years were somehow destined to meet. A fossil, after all these years, after countless snowfalls, after how many moons, was waiting for us to find it and bring it out into a completely new world where it would be handled like gold and awed by some new species that now dominates the Earth.