2018 Annual Fundraising Campaign

#GivingTuesday was a great start to our year-end annual fundraising campaign!  Together with our supporters, we raised over $4,500 - that’s almost 75% of our goal!

With your help, we’ll reach our goal of $6,500 by the end of the year, and with it, make much needed, long-lasting investments in computer equipment that will greatly improve our scientific research, education, and outreach programming! Make a donation today!

We’ve reached 82.9% of our goal!

Thank you!

Our Year-End Fundraising Goal

Our goal for the 2018 Annual Campaign is to raise $6,500. With that money, we plan to purchase:

  • 1 computer

    • We desperately need to replace the BBPI’s only old and failing computer!

  • 3 field-quality tablet computers

    • These are “must haves” to help bring our field work into the 21st century!

  • Additional funds will be used to purchase educational tools and supplies:

    • We’ve done well with what we have so far, but it’s long past time that we purchase the staples that every paleo-outreach organization MUST have, like a T. rex tooth cast, dinosaur and Ice Age animal models, Megalodon tooth, and more!

Donate TODAY!

See just a small part of what we were able to accomplish this year with your support:



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