College Students

Are you a student looking for an opportunity to gain experience and earn credit?  Or are you just trying to decide if paleontology is the best fit for your interests and career goals?  Either way, our Field Paleontology course is exactly what you're looking for.


Photo Credit: B. Malinowski

GEO 380 - Field Paleontology


July 2 - 15, 2017               July 16 - 29, 2017

3 credit hours

Credits are transferable to any accredited college or university in the U.S., and likely transferable to schools beyond.  Be sure to check with your adviser.

*Note: Dates are flexible - please inquire for details.

Limited Availability!

About the Course

The BBPI has partnered with Rocky Mountain College to create GEO380 - Field Paleontology. This course is designed to provide extensive field-based opportunities for students to interpret the paleoecological conditions present in the Bighorn Basin region during the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic eras of geologic time. Students will spend a great deal of time searching for, collecting, and analyzing fossils and geologic specimens found in the region.  Most field collecting and instruction will focus on the Jurassic Morrison Formation and latest Cretaceous Lance Formation. Throughout the experience, students also will learn about the regional geology, stratigraphy, and paleogeography. Periodic expeditions to other fossiliferous locations in the region, such as the Devonian Beartooth Butte location and the Paleocene Ft. Union outcrops, are also commonplace.  

Throughout the course, you will work alongside paleontologists and graduate students with a various backgrounds and fields of expertise.


Course Structure

  • Students will spend their days searching for, collecting, excavating, and documenting fossils, fossil localities, and geological evidence for the paleoenvironmental conditions that existed in this region many millions or years ago.
  • Informal evening classroom sessions will provide instruction and collaboration opportunities.



  • Students are required to attend for 2 weeks.
  • For more information on travel, lodging, and much more, please see our Public Expeditions and FAQs pages.


  • $375/credit x 3 credits = $1,125
  • $1,435/week Course Fee = $2,870
    • The Course Fee includes all meals, room & board, tools, supplies, equipment, instruction, and transportation to/from Billings, MT).
  • Total: $3,995


This course is administered by Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana.  Professors for this course are BBPI leaders Dr. Rick Schmidt and Jason Schein.  



Step 1: Register as a Student Crew Member through the BBPI.  

  • You will also need to submit your deposit to hold your spot.

Step 2: Register with Rocky Mountain College as a Non-Degree Seeking Student. 

  • The transcript requirement is waived, but you WILL need your immunization records.
  • Register directly with the Registrar's Office: Jen Bratz (jen.bratz(at); 406.657.1114) or Kyle Pratt (406.657.1029)