Collaboration - The Key To Success

We believe that science is the only true way to ask and answer questions about the natural world, and that collaborative, multi-disciplinary research is the most effective approach to reveal the universe's fundamental truths.



Our Scientific Partners

We're proud to partner with several organizations and individuals who share our commitment to collaborative, multidisciplinary approaches to research, and welcome innovative proposals from other researchers and groups.  



The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

The Academy is the oldest natural history museum in the New World.  For over 200 years, the Academy has explored the remarkable diversity of our natural world, sharing these discoveries with the public through extraordinary collections, innovative exhibits, educational programming, and publications.

The Academy is not only where all of the fossils we collect get prepared, it is also the BBPI’s base of operations for all scientific and research operations.



Yellowstone-bighorn research association

YBRA is a field and research association in Montana dedicated to experiencing, learning, and leaving a legacy in geology education.  YBRA has been one of the country's premiere field camps for over 80 years, and serves as base camp and home to the BBPI's field activities.  It has transformed the lives of over 7,000 students throughout its existence, including the BBPI's staff and field expedition participants.  


The Wyoming DInosaur Center

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center has been an important scientific partner with the BBPI

  • In 2016, BBPI Research Associate Dr. Jennifer Anné led an investigation into the paleopathologies preserved in WDC sauropod dinosaurs. This study was made possible with the help from another BBPI Scientific Partner, Check out Dr. Anné's campaign HERE.



At its core, Experiment is a crowdfunding platform for science.  At its heart, it is an innovative company founded and run by exciting young scientists, for the benefit of science. The BBPI is very proud to work with them and to host them in the field each summer!

Check out the many ways Experiment has helped fund paleontology, including our 2015 campaign!


The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science is the official repository for all of the fossils collected by the BBPI. We greatly appreciate their support and are honored to be affiliated.


Image Credit: B. Malinowski

Become a BBPI Partner in Science

If you share our vision of collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches to science, contact us today to discuss ways we can work together to advance our science.