Thank You for a Successful #GivingTuesday!!!

A HUGE thank you to all who donated, shared our posts, and otherwise supported the BBPI on #GivingTuesday! Together we raised almost $4,800 - that’s nearly 75% of our goal! These funds will allow us to make much needed, long-lasting investments in computer equipment that will greatly improve our scientific research, education, and outreach programming!

Donate TODAY!


We’re extending our #GivingTuesday fundraiser through the end of 2018! It’s important that we reach or exceed our goal of $6,500 to ensure the necessary investments in the BBPI’s research, education, and outreach programming. DONATE TODAY!

How to donate

There are lots of easy ways to donate to the BBPI.


Here are a few great reasons to donate to the BBPI on Facebook:

  • NO FEES!!!

  • Recurring Donations: This is an excellent way to support the BBPI all year round!

2. Donate on GuideStar!

  • Recurring Donations: Another option to make an enormous, year-round impact on our programming!

3. DONATE Right Here!

Of course you can donate here!

3. Send a Check!

Checks are always a wonderful way of supporting the BBPI as well with no fees! You can mail the check to:

PO Box 672

Red Lodge, MT 59068

Our Year-End Fundraising Goal

Our goal for the 2018 Giving Season is to raise $6,500. With that money, we plan to purchase:

  • 1 computer

    • We desperately need to replace the BBPI’s only old and failing computer!

  • 3 field-quality tablet computers

    • These are “must haves” to help bring our field work into the 21st century!

  • Educational tools and supplies

    • We’ve done well with what we have so far, but it’s long past time that we purchase the staples that every paleo-outreach organization MUST have, like a T. rex tooth cast, dinosaur and Ice Age animal models, Megalodon tooth, and more!